Cheers to doing whatever it takes for BEAUTIFUL Engagement Photos, including TRESSPASSING | Courtney & Andy | Destination Engagement Photographer

It was last November when I first met Courtney & Andy! As we discussed the details of their Portofino Hotel & Marina Wedding Courtney and I clicked instantly. We wrapped up our consultation and I walked away a little unsure. On one hand I was like that went really well, I think I nailed it, but Andy's demeanor had me questioning my skills. Not too long passed and I heard from them again, and after a few more email/phone chats we put together a package that worked for these two lovebirds. Courtney then confessed Andy was playing a little hard to get, and it worked LOL! As the months passed Courtney and I began texting about the engagement session, and then it quickly turned into randomly texting about our favorite trash TV shows (Real Housewives, The Bachelorette, etc)! We bonded over our secret stashing of bags of new clothes we keep hidden from our other halves, and our OCD tendencies. It was then I could tell this was going to be an AMAZING couple to work with! I guess our secret is out now, sorry Court! Hurry and hide those bags in the back of the closet or under the bed. As we discussed locations for the shoot we talked about the beach, but we wanted it to do be different than every other beach shoot you see out there. One weekend I happened to be shooting in Santa Barbara, and saw a sign for Lompoc Flower Fields. I quickly researched it, Google image searched it, and then texted Courtney and was like listen we can still do the beach but you have to check this out! Immediately she fell in love and began buying outfit upon outfit, I think she confessed to buying 10 like new outfits, don't worry Andy she "returned" the ones we didn't use...And by return, I mean she returned them to the bag, and then put them in the back of the closet lol! The day quickly approached and the occasional text from Courtney would come in, "Are you sure the flowers will still be there?" Or "What if it rains?" Or "Did you see what happened on The Bachelorette last night?" All her texts or emails were appropriately signed "OCD GIRL!" I can't help but laugh, because anyone who knows me can vouch that I'm pretty OCD myself and am guilty of the same thing! As you can tell the flowers were still there when we got up there so we just went with it and had a little fun running through someones flower fields, very careful as to not to damage them :-) As we drove from Lompoc back to Santa Barbara to wrap up the shoot and finish at the beach we encountered a couple of obstacles! I kept seeing these gorgeous fields, with rolling hills, and beautiful cloud covered skies and was like we have to stop and shoot here, but every field is fenced off with electric fences and barbed wire. So I had to get creative, and we had to trespass! We hopped a barbed wire fence only to land into a field filled with cows. Courtney had on a dress and risked showing the passing cars her backside but was most concerned with ripping her new "sexy Bebe dress" lol. We made over without tearing a dress, a layer of skin, or a hamstring! It was all fun and games until a few of the bulls looked like they wanted us gone so we had to make moves to a different area of the field. The end result was not arrest, but some very beautiful shots showcasing the gorgeous fields of Southern California. As we made our way down the coast to Santa Barbara a man filled with anger and road rage decided to pass me going 90 on the shoulder of the road nearly side swiping me and hitting another car. Can I just add he was DRIVING A PRIUS, and no it wasn't Andy lol. However he and Courtney witnessed the entire thing driving behind me! Seriously dude you're not Vin Diesel, and I'm not sure where you're going that fast in that Prius of yours, but you should probably relax before you kill someone. Once our lives were not in danger anymore, we made it to our final destination, the beach and as you can see we captured some really amazing sunset shots! So to make a long story even longer, there's not much we won't do over here at LA Exposures to give our clients some amazing photos paired with an ACTION packed day to remember forever! Stay tuned for their wedding photo BLOG post coming soon!


Carrie & Nick | Venice Engagement Photographer

The first time I met Carrie she was with her Mom, and sister at the Brideworld LA Convention Center Bridal show in January. After chatting with her Mom, I learned she wasn't just planning one of her daughters weddings, but 2 of her daughter's weddings within an 18 month window. That's no small task for any parent. So we give major kudos to this Momma! Chatting for 15 minutes or so I encouraged them to walk around the convention center see what else was out there in the world of wedding photography. Within about 2 hours they had seen it all, and Carrie came back to book her July 5th Marriott Marina Del Rey wedding with me! Carrie and her fiance Nick live in that area just a few blocks from Venice beach. They spend a lot of time over in the area and frequent a lot of the local hangout spots, which I learned during the couple hours we spent together during the shoot. As we walked around we got to hit some of their favorite spots, and use them as unique backdrops for their shoot. Whenever I think of Venice Beach my mind quickly goes to the many "Doctors" who are in, or the hundreds of peddlers, not to mention the numerous crazy people running around the boardwalk. This time I couldn't help but see the beauty, the love, and the connection between Carrie and Nick, showing me a completely different side of Venice. Anyone can smile and say cheese for the camera, but the camera doesn't lie and these two did way more than that. Just looking at these pictures you can tell how much fun they have together, and how in love they are. Cheers to both of you for showing me another side of Venice Beach! Let's just say that doesn't happen very often!!!