I guess I should start by saying I'm Jeremy, and it's nice to virtually meet you, as cheesy as that sounds LOL.  Welcome to my website, my blog, my love, and my life; here's where you get to see what truly makes me happy.  Not many people can do what they love and call it work.  For me photography is not work.  It's something I've always had a passion for.
    I got my first camera for Christmas when I was 10, and started taking pictures of anyone and anything.  When I was 16, I was the kid who took 27 rolls of film to Europe on a class trip and still needed to buy more.  In any event I think I've just dated myself by confessing I first used a film camera.  No need to worry I've since upgraded to a pair of pretty amazing digital Canons.
    Growing up in Detroit, Michigan is probably the biggest reason I have been able to stay grounded even after 11 years here in sunny Southern California.  I am currently living and working in Downtown Los Angeles.  Please hold back  the oohs and uh ohs, it's actually pretty amazing and A LOT safer than it used to be. Now I only have to carry mace and a stun gun at night, just kidding! All joking aside in case you can't already tell I'm a pretty sarcastic and funny guy. Well at least my Mom tells me I'm funny, she also tells me I'm pretty cute too, doesn't that count for something? 
    Checking out my Facebook and website, you can probably gather my better half (Tim), my family and my friends are very important to me.  I may not get to see everyone I love as often as I like, but thanks to things like Facebook, Facetime, and texting I manage to keep in touch with everyone.  I have the best support system anyone could ask for.  I have the best parents, the most amazing significant other, and the most supportive and loyal vendors and clients.  Without anyone of you I wouldn't be where I am today, doing what I love to do!
    So as you explore my website, my blog, my work, and ultimately my life just know that I am so grateful and humbled for the opportunity to take what I love doing and share it with you and your families!  I am honored to be given the chance to create memories that will be passed on through your families for generations to come, to create amazing pieces of art to be displayed in your homes for years to come, and most importantly, I am very happy to invite you into the LA Exposures' family!