Carrie & Nick | Venice Engagement Photographer

The first time I met Carrie she was with her Mom, and sister at the Brideworld LA Convention Center Bridal show in January. After chatting with her Mom, I learned she wasn't just planning one of her daughters weddings, but 2 of her daughter's weddings within an 18 month window. That's no small task for any parent. So we give major kudos to this Momma! Chatting for 15 minutes or so I encouraged them to walk around the convention center see what else was out there in the world of wedding photography. Within about 2 hours they had seen it all, and Carrie came back to book her July 5th Marriott Marina Del Rey wedding with me! Carrie and her fiance Nick live in that area just a few blocks from Venice beach. They spend a lot of time over in the area and frequent a lot of the local hangout spots, which I learned during the couple hours we spent together during the shoot. As we walked around we got to hit some of their favorite spots, and use them as unique backdrops for their shoot. Whenever I think of Venice Beach my mind quickly goes to the many "Doctors" who are in, or the hundreds of peddlers, not to mention the numerous crazy people running around the boardwalk. This time I couldn't help but see the beauty, the love, and the connection between Carrie and Nick, showing me a completely different side of Venice. Anyone can smile and say cheese for the camera, but the camera doesn't lie and these two did way more than that. Just looking at these pictures you can tell how much fun they have together, and how in love they are. Cheers to both of you for showing me another side of Venice Beach! Let's just say that doesn't happen very often!!!