Little Grace Cheetwood | LA FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER

Man oh man does Daddy have his hands full with this little one! Little Grace is definitely gonna be a heart-breaker when she's older! Good thing she takes after her Mommy Jenna, right Drew? HA! It's been nothing short of amazing watching this little girl grow, it seems like just yesterday she was a little bump in her Mommy's belly! Fast forward the year and here she is on her first birthday posing like a little model, walking around a chair playing hide and seek with the camera. As luck would have it Grandma and Grandpa were in town from Michigan to celebrate her 1st birthday, so we couldn't not take a picture of the whole family. As we reached the part of the shoot for the cake SMASH, that's where things got a little sticky. Grace wanted nothing to do with cake, but we still managed to get some really cute fun shots as she did everything in her power to avoid contact and keep herself clean! Mommy and Daddy tried putting her hands it, putting frosting on her nose, and at one point I think the entire cake was being put in her face. Nothing seemed to work, Grace just didn't like the cake. Then as we were wrapping up she dove right into her cake, just kidding she fell face first into her cake accidentally, giving us the money shot you see here! In case you can't tell, she definitely didn't like that!